Vanessa Olaya

Farewell Vanessa Olaya

Vanessa is moving to Australia this month to pursue a PhD in Quantum Science at the University of Sydney, under the supervision of Prof. Ivan Kassal and the financial support of a prestigious fellowship from the Sydney Quantum Academy. We wish Vanessa a very successfull and productive PhD experience.

Vanessa joined our group as a MSc student in 2019, after a three-month visit as a senior undergraduate physics student. As a masters student she did outstanding work on the collision physics of ultracold Rydberg atoms and polar molecules, developing the first set of accurate van der Waals (C5,C6) coefficients that describe the long range interaction between these species. We look forward to seeing more exciting results from her in the near future.

Well done Vanessa!

Here is a list of Vanessa’s work with us: